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Today, I want to share a powerful strategy that has significantly improved the performance of our Facebook ads over the past two years. This technique revolves around engaging with customers through comments, transforming casual interactions into meaningful conversations that not only drive sales but also enhance the overall ad experience.

The key is not just to respond to comments but to initiate conversations that prompt further engagement from your audience. Here’s how we do it and why it works so well.


The Strategy in Action

Imagine this scenario: your ad receives a comment. Instead of a generic reply, we dive deeper. We ask questions, show genuine interest, and encourage the commenter to share more about their thoughts, experiences, or even showcase their product use through pictures.

This approach does wonders on multiple fronts:

1. Increased Engagement: By fostering conversations, we create a dynamic environment where people actively participate, leading to more comments, reactions, and shares.

2. Signal to Platforms: Platforms like Facebook recognize and prioritize engaging content. When users interact more, it sends positive signals to the platform, resulting in better reach, lower costs, and higher click-through rates.

3. Community Building: Every interaction is an opportunity to build a stronger community around your brand. When customers feel heard and valued, they are more likely to become loyal advocates.

Why It Matters

The comments section of your ads is not just a space for feedback; it’s a goldmine of untapped potential. Many times, people have questions or concerns that they might not voice directly. By proactively engaging with them, you address these unspoken queries and build trust in the process.

Results Speak Louder

For one of our brands, implementing this strategy has been a game-changer. Our daily interactions include 30+ comments, over 150 reactions, and 10-50 shares. These numbers translate into tangible benefits like improved ad performance metrics, lower costs per click, and a wider reach.

How You Can Do It

Whether you have a dedicated customer service team or can spare an hour daily, prioritize engaging with your audience. Don’t just reply; ask open-ended questions, encourage sharing, and create a dialogue that resonates with your target audience.


The next time someone comments on your Facebook ad, see it as an opportunity to start a conversation. Dive deep, ask questions, and watch how these interactions fuel your ad performance and overall brand presence.

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  1. Another trick- Instead of simply asking for post-purchase reviews to be displayed on product pages, we’ve taken a more dynamic approach by using our top-performing meta ad and encouraging customers to leave their reviews directly in the comment section.

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